K. K. Sha’are Tefila
(Founded 5633/1873)



Moor Lane Exterior

Our Synagogue

We are a growing, very warm, friendly and welcoming community. Our synagogue is family-oriented with a diverse membership making newcomers feel welcome.

We offer a weekly Kiddush after Tefila on Shabbat and host a number of social events throughout the year and regular Shiurim, providing our members with many opportunities to participate and engage in the life of the community.

Ours is the only Sephardi Bet Knesset in North Manchester hosting all Tefilot (prayer services) on Shabbat as well as weekdays.

Community Rabbi: Rabbi N. Nadav

For further details:
Telephone: 0161 792 4168

Website Banner above: Detail of the Luchot above the Hechal of the first Shaare Tephilah synagogue on Cheetham Hill Road (now housing Manchester Jewish Museum)